[Photo by Patti] 

[Photo by Patti] 

Sample Consultations


Carnegie Community Engagement Elective Classification (2015 cycle) --


  • You have the opportunity to leverage the classification process to advance a wide range of institutional and community objectives through critical self-examination and collaborative visioning and planning.
  • I will support you in developing and undertaking an application process designed to cultivate deeper, broader, and more integrated community-campus engagement and thereby to nurture transformational institutionalization. 


  • Applications are due April 15, 2014
  • Institutions that have registered to participate in the 2015 cycle will want to begin the process immediately. 

Who might I work with?

  • Re-applicants and first-time applicants
  • From a single campus representative to program staff to multi-stakeholder working groups to multi-campus convenings

How might we work together?

  • We can design a customized application process for your campus.
  • From discussions by phone to workshops and retreats to year-long collaborations

What might we do together?

  • Explore the classification’s underlying conceptualization of institutional change
  • Tap your campus’ strengths & address its challenges re: gathering evidence
  • Identify institutional goals that community-campus engagement can help to advance
  • Critique other institutions’ materials and draft, review, & refine your application


Infrastructure Design & Evaluation  --

  • Collaborate to produce proposals and visioning documents that make the case for and outline contextualized possibilities for new infrastructure (i.e., Centers) to support community-campus engagement, faculty development, student leadership development, etc.
  • Advise on efforts to improve or expand current infrastructure and programming
  • Evaluate units and programming and facilitate capacity building for integrated assessment of learning and other outcomes 


Re-accreditation (e.g., Quality Enhancement Plans) -- 

  • Collaborate to develop QEPs (learning outcomes, teaching and learning strategies, professional development strategies, connections to General Education and other institutional reform activities)
  • Facilitate ongoing professional development across multiple constituents
  • Consult with lead campus units throughout the re-accreditation cycle